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  • Lanie King

Five-Star Luxury Resorts In The Maldives (On A Budget)

Are you ready for the vacation of your lifetime? Imagine the warm breeze blowing through your hair, the sun kissing your skin, the stunning clear blue water, and the palms blowing in the air. All while you are enjoying quality time with the love of your life.

Are you convinced yet?

Here are seven resorts in the Maldives that are considered a little more affordable, but still extremely luxury. Going cheaper absolutely does not mean less, it just means you weigh out the options more carefully.

Keep in mind, high season or low season will affect the pricing. The ideal months to travel are November through April, so it will be more expensive, while rainy season is considered May though November.

I would not shy away from going in the off season, but feel free to do your own research and choose whatever works best for you.

Ok, lets get to the list.

This is probably my personal favorite. It's newer, more contemporary, and simply stunning

The ultimate dreamy beach vibe, plus they have an all-inclusive option which is 100% a bonus!

Having the whole island to explore, what's not to love?!

This specific resort has been a bucket lister for a long time. The heart shaped walkway is simply dreamy.

I'm sorry for giving you so many great options, it's only going to get harder to choose. Look at these photos, there's no need for an explanation of why you should choose Nova Maldives.

Beach villa or over-water bungalow? Too stunning to choose, so maybe one of each?

The newest resort on this list, you're guaranteed to have the absolute best trip of your life!

"Disclaimer: prices of these resorts may fluctuate over time."


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